Pro Chancellor

About Pro Chancellor

Dr. Ashok Agarwal

Bareilly International University as a value committed premier educational institution of Higher education welcomes all the students who want to pursue their ambition to actualize their true potential in the academic ethos of values (sanskar), knowledge (shiksha) and skills (saamarthya). We at Bareilly International University encourage pursuit of intellectual quest, creativity and constant endeavour to attain perfection with deep rooted commitment to human values.

We believe in motivating empowerment through education. We focus on capacity building by way of innovative pedagogy and consistent interaction with latest technology through Industry academia interface. The infrastructure of sprawling lush green campus and institutional ambience provides perfect substratum to nurture holistic development and growth of students and faculty. We are confident that our students become fully equipped for the world of work after passing through august portals of Bareilly International University.

As Pro-chancellor, I, on behalf of Bareilly International University and myself extend best wishes to the learners in the ensuing journey towards an enlightening experience of unfolding the world of knowledge and wisdom.